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PowerUp supports utilities for a more efficient and sustainable network!
29 juin 2021

More than ever, the modernization of electricity networks is necessary to meet the challenges set by smart grid and the territories energy transition. This includes automating existing infrastructures that must be smarter, more reliable, and more autonomous. 
Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are the perfect example: in the event of an incident on the network, they ensure, powered by a battery, the automatic switch from a failed power source to an operational one.  

The batteries embedded in RTUs are comparable to « black boxes » : they can stop working at any time and do not ensure their backup application: they ultimately jeopardize the service continuity. 

Two objectives: reliability and network performance  

For this very reason, PowerUp chose to integrate its MAP® technology into a smart device: the Skipper® UPS. It allows these installations -critical to the activity and safety of cities and territories- to sail blindly no longer. 

This smart device ensures the reliability of backup applications by carefully analysing batteries in their environment. Powered by MAP® technology, the Skipper® UPS carries out battery State-of-Health (SoH) automatic diagnoses (at ±2% accuracy) during its use and ensures battery reliability at all time. 

An easier transition from lead-acid to lithium-ion 

Sitting between the battery and the charger, the Skipper® UPS allows the utilities to replace a lead battery with a lithium-ion one without changing the existing charging system.  
The benefits? 

  • A considerable gain in autonomy: around +50% at constant battery-volume; 
  • A significant reduction in the weight of the battery for less restrictive maintenance operations: around 3.5x less weight at constant battery-energy, dropping from 14 kg to 4 kg. 

Sustainable energy infrastructures 

The Skipper® UPS also acts on the battery charge. By adapting the charge level based on the battery SoH, environment and use, this smart device can double your battery lifespan! 

In a nutshell: whether it is for energy generation, transmission or distribution, batteries play a major role in the quality and safety of electricity supply. 

At PowerUp, we support utilities for a more efficient and sustainable network!