The team

Our team is currently made up of around fifteen collaborators with multiple skills: 3 doctors in electrochemistry, engineers in hardware, software, IT etc.
It is located in Ile-de-France and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.

At the meeting point between energy and digital

Created in 2017, PowerUp was born from the collaboration between the Lumila company and the CEA-Liten. The French start-up offers the latest technological advances in the management of lithium-ion batteries, resulting from research conducted by CEA-Liten. These solutions, suitable for multiple applications, aim to limit the economic and ecological cost of batteries.

Within the CEA Technological Research Department, the CEA-Liten (Innovation laboratory for new energy technologies and nanomaterials) is responsible for developing new energy technologies (solar, biomass, technology for electric and hybrid vehicles, application of the hydrogen sector, energy storage), from studies of new materials and processes to manufacturing and functional testing of prototypes.

Lumila, a French manufacturer of autonomous lighting for large companies such as the SNCF, EDF and even ENEDIS, has approached CEA-Liten in order to make its products more reliable on Li-ion batteries. As a consequence of this fruitful collaboration, CEA-Liten then used Lumila portable lamps as the very first PowerUp demonstrator, the first bricks from the intersection of energy and digital technology, thereby bringing together the know-how of experts in electrochemistry, electronics, IT and entrepreneurial culture.